Further to recent questions and debate on social media both parties wish to clarify their ongoing working relationship and the benefit that the football club will receive.

Whitby Town FC & Towbar Express, have agreed a deal where Towbar Express will provide sponsorship for Whitby Town FC, and will sponsor the new Family Enclosure at The Turnbull Ground.

For the benefit of doubt the official title of the ground is;

‘The Towbar Express Stadium’ at The Turnbull Ground.

Our stadium sponsors, being a local business operating nationally, have no desire to alter or amend the history and traditions of the football club.

The sponsorship referred to in recent social media forums is only part of the overall package, as the partnership will include commercial and financial assistance in our community programmes as well as events and promotions. 

Both parties are committed to working together over the coming years to ensure it is a fruitful and positive partnership for all involved and associated with Whitby Town FC.

Graeme Hinchliffe WTFC & Towbar Express.