By Paul Connolly

It’s Town,

It’s where we belong, 

It’s Wilfred Oswald Turnbull and his gift to the people of Whitby,

It’s Freemantle scoring the ground’s first goal and putting Stockton to the sword,

It’s Bimmer Thompson scoring goals for fun,

It’s names that run through our history – the Harlands, the Escritts and the Vearts,

It’s Barker, Kennerley, Mulvanney and Crosthwaite – Bill Jeffs’ Amateur Cup heroes among others,

It’s Hampton, Linacre, Scott and Sills – The cup fighters of a generation,

It’s Eddie ‘The Last Waltz’ Gray as gaffer, and Steve French terrorising defences,

It’s Burton, Welham, Taddy and Sharkey – Scaife’s first-ever champions denied a golden chance,

It’s Yakka, Logie, Cammy, Robbo and Jock,

It’s Hodgy the skipper, holding cups aloft,

It’s the road to Wembley and Banstead banished,

It’s nine-goal thrillers in the great escape season and chanting goals win games as Jamie Clarke bags another,

It’s heroes today – Messrs Gell, Hopson, White and Bland,

It’s Harry what have you Dunn, super Tony Lee and Chrissy Hardy the king,

It’s a Whitby footballing heritage – McCloy, Hall and Lyth to name but a few,

It’s Fishburn Park, Albion Rangers, Arcadians and everyone else inbetween,

It’s JUSTICE on New Year’s Day and beating the old enemy,

It’s Army and Pelly and those last-minute winners against Blyth,

It’s Alex Gildea’s opener against Plymouth Argyle – and Match of the Day taking note,

It’s Ibby going on a run and George racing down the stand,

It’s that Gell thunderbolt that kept us in the division,

It’s the highs and the lows; the rough with the smooth,

It’s the passion and glory – and misery in some stories,

It’s never playing for a better club in your career, or for better fans,

It’s 3pm on Saturday and the Tuesday night lights,

It’s the view of the Abbey, the sea and the moors,

It’s going through everything together because we’re all Whitby aren’t we?

It’s Paddy singing Seasiders – a club legend in his own right,

It’s going on a Steven Holliday,

It’s Bob Scaife and his caravan,

It’s the Shed bouncing on a cold Tuesday night – and the main stand imposing itself on the game,

It’s singing for ninety minutes and roaring the lads on,

It’s the pre-match pint – and the post-match inquest,

It’s an afternoon with the kids, or an evening with your mates,

It’s the ground you visited on holiday and the club you couldn’t let go,

It’s the first football match you went to – Whitby at home,

It’s feeling like you belong – whether local or exile,

It’s Whitby Town Football Club,

It’s the Towbar Express Stadium,

It’s the Turnbull Ground,

It’s home – and it’s where we belong.

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